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Journal Entry: Thu Feb 3, 2011, 8:38 PM


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Journal Entry: Tue Jan 25, 2011, 8:48 PM

I'll so remember to check back on those questions from my past journal- but I just wanted a new journal XD

hrm- seemsosweirdtoask but!

Want to chat? : D

my only active aimthingy is

aand that's about it :T

So- IM away, I'm just doodling and we can range from cartoon talk to art stuff to just /life/

/I have a week off and must take advantage of this time

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Char. Questions

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 12, 2011, 7:35 PM

I'm making character sheets

really 8D;;;

Since a lot of people have been asking about who my characters are and such.

SO! Besides the basic information


Just comment down your question or what you wonder about a character of mine. Make sure to add their name in somewhere so I know who you're asking about ;)

My Characters:

:bulletblue: Elixir
:bulletorange: Perkins
:bulletgreen: Luke
:bulletred: Vela
:bulletpurple: Rita
:bulletwhite: Oliver

I'm currently working on an Elix. pic and will soon start typing a whole mess of info. ffff

Ask away~

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Livestreaming- OVER

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 6, 2011, 6:08 PM


I'm going to digital paint, well try to 'cause I haven't done so in a long time
So if you're interested in knowing how I digi. Paint:

Just watch:
:star: ->…

It's an epic mickey piece. No spoilers at all : )
Also, I't'll all be by memory, so if I hesitate as I paint then that's why



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Heyo 2011!~

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 1, 2011, 5:10 PM

trying out journal css!

CUT IT DOWN!~ This works as well XD

NOT MUCH COLOR HERM 8 But I like it <3


Stolen from Skellagirl woop!

Few artists are man/woman enough to openly answer any and all questions thrown at them. Are you? Prove it. Copy/Paste this as a new journal entry and answer every question you get.

The rules are simple:

-You must answer every question you get no matter what it's about and you must do so honestly.

-There are no questions that cannot be asked as long as they are within the rules of DA. They can be personal, about OCs, and every thing in between.

Think of it as a truth or dare of sorts, only without the dare option.

Fun to do for new watchers, y/y? Don't be afraid~ : D

oh yeah! I got a haircut :'D

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New Year is starting in two daaaays 8D~


I still have to test out Journal CSS ;~;

Regardless, Happy early New Year! :heart:
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  • Watching: DESPICABLE ME &lt;3 ;U; still fhehf
  • Playing: Epic Mickey- &lt;3
buh- I've been dead here

SO UH!~ I haven't been busy enough to say 'I don't have time to go online fkekfe' but with the holiday weekend coming up and new year and junnnnk, I have no time to draw digitally 8'C


BREAK'S COMING UP 8'D! I'll try to do digital commissions then but I have my markers agaiiin and will start on the trading cards 8O!

I HAVE 3 WIPS OF HOLIDAYS NESSSS- a lot has been going on- wow 8I

:santa: Happy Holidays to all! A bit early but I already had 2 christmas dinners so, the holidays are starting early~ Have a good one and a great year C8!

And to pretty much everyone I 'watch':

The artwork has gotten so fantastic! After 3 days I came back to 500+ deviations, I had to open them up on tabs and admire them greatly. Such amazing work <3 I just have to say that


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  • Drinking: (3 fandoms here WTF)
that makes me so HAPPY~~

allright- update : I

I'm glad you all have accepted ExP- like seriously watches have sky-rocketed since that drawing /omgjoy/ <3

I'mna start on stuff : u

the 30 day challenge- is gonna be put on hold because my dad got me Epic Mickey

it's epic. like aww crap. It's AWESOME ffff neyfheh

hrm- let it snow ;_; :heart: and commissions- I'mna start! also <3 sorry for the wait, I will make those drawings blow yer MIIINDDDD~

How've you guys been? : )
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  • Watching: DESPICABLE ME &lt;3 ;U;
  • Playing: Epic Mickey- and he just died ejfjejf
  • Drinking: (3 fandoms here WTF)
I have my commissions sketched out and only need to either clean them or color them


Traditional Trading Cards

:bulletblue: On 2.5" x 3.5" Bristol trading cards- I can draw any character(s) of your choice. Colored in Prisma Markers and fully outlined, all that jazz~

Will most likely be a bust or whatever I can fit in to the paper : )

:bulletorange:Prices will vary from $10-$20
($10 - 1 completely shaded character, simple colored background. Prices go up from there)

remember, these are going to be TRADITIONALLY done! Not PRINTS or copies. Complete originals

:bulletgreen:If anyone is interested in getting one, CALL A SPOT!

I have 20 cards available~

Payment accepted through paypal and mail.
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  • Watching: DESPICABLE ME &lt;3 ;U;
Since Halloween is on a Sunday this year and I will be BUSY LIKE HELL this week again (but it'll be fun plz) might as well say it now

:pumpkin::bulletorange::bulletblack: HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE :bulletblack::bulletorange::pumpkin:

I hope everyone has a fun, safe and awesome Halloween. Even if you don't celebrate it, eat candy and just watch scary movies or something :heart:

:cake: Wish VivzMind a very, merry, epic birthday on the 28th 8'D GONNA' PARTY OH!~

aaaand just yes C8

Imna be the Queens of Hearts! OHOHOHO /shot
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  • Listening to: Parlor Tricks WOOOT
  • Watching: DESPICABLE ME &lt;3 ;U;…

check out pics and stuff there!~ Official blog xDDD follow if you'd like! I'll be posting doodles and things there.
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  • Playing: DM game.
was said to me yesterday at the Comic Con. Okay you guys fehf-

SDCC is the last thing on my mind right now. seriously

epic long weekend and I will post something from the NYCC but will type up a blog since pics can also appear there. Yerp.

I got an Edith and Zim plushie :iconilavplz:
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  • Playing: DM game.
My computer has a virus (?) so I had to just move everything to another user account fjrejgr

totally cleaned out my itunes and I went from 700+ songs to 0


I'm recently loving Plastic Beach fff :heart:



who's going?? 8''D


~July261995 (PAID)
*Starlightningify (PAID)


draw on muro comments
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OKAY! I pretty much finished with a couple of them and I'm just expecting the money now, WOOT! SECOND ROUND HERE WE GO!


Aughhhh college things are catching up to me and I'm offering five spots for a $20 commission on a 'first-come/first-serve' ordeal. If interested:

Send a note titled- $20 commission

I will accept money through paypal but if you're fine with mailing the money- so am I!

:bulletblue: What you will be getting
A fully colored cell shaded pic of no more than 2 characters!


($5 for any additional character and backgrounds would be a solid color) It can be an OC or a character from your fave show (doesn't have to be cartoon)

If your username is striked, then I'm done with your commission. I will remove your username once payment is recieved. Then spots will open again, woot!

:star: $10 sketches are CLOSED. For now, Once I get through these I'll open spots again

ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT YOU GUYS :'D with school and portfolio I'll barely get to submit finished works but these commissions will be top priority.

thanks again!! 8D
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  • Listening to: Minions Mambooooo
blah- The senior art class is going to be making the yearbook and all, But I'm at a loss xD; fff this isn't just any regular illustration for a group djfjjgr SO YOU GUYS!

Has anyone else helped make a yearbook? If so, any tips and tricks on coming up with a theme? or any theme you reccomend?

any theme that would be awesome and sick? :'D

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BUHHH tagged by :iconartgirl121: XDDD done fast 'cause I just finished coloring a MarlinxDory sketch and stuff happened and it got erased jdjfjrjhgjrthjtrjehtjjfgjerwgr /rage
Those two are becoming a new fave couple of mine C'B Like KXB fufufufu :heart:
DM soundtrack has now killed my rage ;U; :heart: AWWYEAH LET'S DO THIS

1. Fill up the blanks with your OCs, or favorite characters/ Put their names by the numbers, too.
2. Answer the questions, or try to.
3. TAG 3 people.

1:bulletblue: Elixir
2:bulletorange: Perkins
3:bulletgreen: Luke
4:bulletred: Vela
5:bulletwhite: Oliver
6:bulletpurple: Rita
7:bulletpink: Samy (hurrr I gots no more fjgjegr)

1. What if 7 and 4 kissed?
:iconnotimpressedplz: LOL UHH HONESTLY Vels would just be all "KISSING= LOVE= FRIENDLY LOVE= SHE IS MY FRIEND, KISSES FOR YOU" yeaaah that'd be awkward for me 8DDDDD /shot

2. Where would 2 bury a treasure?
Wow- I got the visuals so clear right now for this- PROBABLY in a cemetery, by a tree. Because he's oh so sneaky.

3. 3 and 7 get into a fight. Who resorts to violence first?
XDDDDDDD These are amazing- okay I would. Luke and I would be BFFLS, he'd just be all ".... >BC I win this fight, I have no time for this *leaves*"

4. 1 is kidnapped and their kidnapper demands a ransom of 1,000 dollars from 5. Do they help 1?
Oliver wouldn't give a damn xDDDDD PERKINSWOULD OHOHOHO-

5. Who is stronger? 6 or 4?
Vela: physically
Rita: mentally...She'd beat your ass.
Both kickass chicks, WHOO!

6. Who is 3's secret love?
HIS JOB :iconhurrplz: He has no secret lover >8C

7. Can 2 juggle?
..guns 8D

8. 1 is asked on a date by their favorite actor/actress. Do they accept the date?
No xD Elixir would never take a relationship seriously, ever.

9. What is 5's biggest fear?
Being scorched on his nightly routine, lol 8D OH BOY, that sounds wrong but yah he puts off flames but still is cautious of them /lol-ing

10. A meteor is about to hit the planet, can 7, 2, and 4 stop it?

11. Is 4 single?

13. Does 1 wish this TAG was over?
BC Elixir wouldn't even be aware this is happening.

14. 6 and 7 are dancing to the waltz. 2 comes in and sees them dancing. 2's reaction?
First off- Dancing with Rita wouldn't really be an ideal thing to do, REGARDLESS OF WHO YOU ARE. Secondly, just turn around and leave 8D

15. 2 and 4 go to the movies. What movie do they see?
hur She'd take him to see a chick flick 8> THEY'D GET ALONG SO WELL :iconilavplz:

16. You are attacked by 1, 3, and 6. Can you survive?
HELL NO XDDDDD GEEZ- That's just death all over fjfjrejwgr With Rita alone it's terrible...then Elixir with her magics and then LUKE? It'd be a quick fight :'<

17. What is 4's favorite color?

18. Can 7 sing?

19. A vampire bites 2. 4 sees this, what do they do?
(2 and 4 are bffls now) PERKINS CAN'T GET VAMPY EFFECTS AND VELA WOULD JUST- well if it really were to have an affect she would be scared because it wouldn't be normal human behavior. It'd be new to her and she wouldn't understand. Poor Vels 8'<

20. All the characters get into a battle Royal. Who will win?
CAST YOUR BETS NOW! Buuuuuuut that is a very interesting question- I honestly do not know D8

21. Well, now it's over! Tag 3 people
VivzMind, BA101 and Empyrisan

:la: and you. yes you.
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  • Watching: Monsters Inc. (REKINDLED MY LOVE FOR THIS MOVIE)
  • Playing: GAMEBOY ;U; (M.I game djfjrg)
Take the quiz below to find out if you are obsessed with Despicable Me.
(even though it's PRETTTTY obvious)

taken from the19thGinny

1. Have you seen the movie more than five times?
Five, exactly! in theater. But I downloaded the movie in my Ipod. So...all together I watched the movie over 50 times now. I can quote the whole movie ;U; First time this has happened with a MOVIE. Normally I just rewatch episodes but with a movie djerjgjr didn't think it was possible xD.

2. Do you often quote lines from the movie to the people around you?
YES! MAINLY, to my dad. We do the "V" for Vector thing XD; But with anyone else no ;;;; nobody else around me saw the movie djfjejgr I TRY TO RESIST DOING SO FFFFFF.

3. Do you often imitate Gru's accent?
Nooooooo xDDD;;;; I shy up too much to do so :giggle: I want to but just watching it is enough xD

4. Have you changed your avatar to a character from the movie?
YEP. I abused my MSN icon thing and twitter. I change it about...every week xD; STILL DM.

5. Have you changed the wallpaper on your computer to a theme from the movie?
HELLLLYEAH. My computer's been through about 5 desktops, all DM related :heart: The garbage bin is the moon.


6. Have you changed your tagline to a quote from the movie?
YESSSS. Both on MSN and dA. hurrr

7. Do you listen to the soundtrack exclusively?
YES All the songs are getting to being most played. Wow- I could hear the soundtrack all day. But I agree with the19thGinny, THE SCORE MUST BE RELEASED NOW.

8. Do you secretly wish you had a freeze-ray when you go to Starbucks?
Not for Starbucks, but yeah totally BC who wouldn't? xD or even parallel park- Gru's way :eyes:

9. Do you own or plan to buy a plushie of each character?
BUHHHHH MAYBE just the minions xD I do want the DM calender ;;; :heart: and a Gru plushie just for the hell of it :iconpervplz:

10. Can you speak Minion fluently?
YES! jedjejgjr with my cousins I do. Makes me look like an idiot 'cause they haven't seen the movie and I refuse to show them on my Ipod 'cause it skips some scenes xD

11. Do you know each Minion by name?

12. Do you cook your pancakes in the shape of dead guys?
......lemme learn how to make pancakes first >BI

If you answered yes to five or more of these questions then consider yourself obsessed! However this is not a bad thing! Despicable Me is an absolutely wonderful movie and it's okay to be obsessed! I know I am!

Hellyeah >8C

:star: FUN but a temporary journal until I get some commissions offer thing made. In a mess right now and commissions would be greatly appreciated C'8> :heart:
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  • Watching: Despicable me hurrr
lol streaming is over XD;;

BUT!~ Making this journal to have everyone's 'Iscribble' name here
: D


I'll make a board~ It'll be public!
Look for 'Elixirmy' and a board named sazzing

hope to see ya' there~! ;u;
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oh the ending was weird omg XDDDDDD

crying rainbows djfrhg

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Journal Entry: Sun Aug 22, 2010, 1:53 PM
    last day of subby aaaand I'm making a tutorial on Cell Shading easier than calling a livestream 'cause then everyone can see it and won't miss anything c: I use and will be doing this tutorial for Paint tool Sai only. It's the only program I use anyhow. Don't know of it? It won't hurt to try it out! : D I'll also add in tips on Lineart Brush settings and anything else I can think of...kdfkg

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  • Watching: Despicable me hurrr